Difference Between a Diamond and Round Rail Fence

When choosing fencing options for your property, it can be hard to know what will work best. Knowing the difference between diamond and round rail fencing can help narrow down your search.

Round Rail Fencing

A rustic, natural option, round rail fencing is useful for enclosing large areas and keeping horses, cows, or other livestock corralled. Consisting of rounded posts and rails, it is a popular choice for farms or other properties with large acreage that need fencing to delineate boundaries and create a barrier for animals or crops. The secure fit of the posts and rails makes for a sturdy and durable fencing option. Most round rail fences are made of pressure-treated wood posts, but galvanized metal posts are a popular choice as well.

Diamond Rail Fencing

An attractive alternative to round rail fencing is diamond rail fencing. The diamond effect is achieved by using square posts and rails that are attach edon their side, giving the posts a diamond-shaped look. Treated wood posts are a popular choice for diamond rail fences, but vinyl posts are also an option that is well liked among homeowners for their low upkeep and striking, clean look.


Installing a fence on your property can help provide important boundaries for children, livestock and farming. Providing increased property value and attractive boundary definition,round and diamond rail fencing can be a great choice for areas both large and small.

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